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Will A Top Good quality Pitching Mound Help Team Performance

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What does a team do when rain, snow, or other storm conditions make pitching practice outside impossible? There are still games scheduled where pitching can make the difference between winning and losing. Can a practice mound that can be set up inside be the answer? A realistic and well-designed portable pitching mound can improve team member’s pitching abilities no matter what the conditions are outside.

What Is A Portable Pitching Mound?

The correct type of pitching mounds are made of a regulation size framework with removable trays of mound clay. Their size is designed to give plenty of room for the pitcher to practice in realistic conditions while being small enough to be portable. This portable cubs rooftops, or practice mound, follows strict specifications for major league pitching mounds. The pitcher can push off on dirt and land on dirt for a realistic feel. It does not do much good to practice pitching on a mound covered with artificial turf which is much different than the real pitching conditions faced in actual baseball games. Well-designed practice mounds assure that pitchers do not slip and become injured during pitching practice. They closely mimic the true game experience.

Where Can A Practice Mound Be Used?

Well-designed pitching mounds like those manufactured by RFP Mounds can be used inside or outside. Inside locations could be the school gym, a garage, a country club building, or a professional team’s training center. These practice mounds could even be set up in a home or other building basement. Outside use locations are unlimited as long as there is a dry, level space large enough to hold the practice mound with some walking space around it. A deck, patio, yard, or cement pad in front of a garage will do fine. A level, grass or gravel covered space will also work.

How Is A Portable Bullpen Mound Set Up And Used?

A portable practice mound consists of a frame that holds trays of mound clay that can be transported separately. By separated the parts, the manufacturer has made sure that the practice mound is a manageable weight for transporting. These practice mounds can be moved in a truck or even an airplane cargo hold. A professional pitcher can take the practice mound with them from game location to game location, and then home for the off-season. School and professional teams can move the pitching mounds outside for good weather, and inside in inclement weather, so not one day of practice is lost. The manufacturer offers special shovels and tampers to groom the mound clay. They also offer extra bags of this clay and carts to make transporting the practice mounds easier. For more information, go to the website.

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